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Isanti County offers Beacon as its GIS application to view county parcels, aerial photos of county properties, and tax information.  To reach Isanti County's Beacon website, click here:


This application is intended for use by human users only. No automated downloading of information is permitted... this is in strict violation of the User Agreement.
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Welcome to Isanti County LandShark

To search LandShark on a one-time use basis and pay by credit card:  Register as a new user by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, and use that same user each time you access Isanti County's LandShark.  Once you choose to view a document, you will be prompted to put in credit card information for payment.  We DO NOT store credit card information, so you will need to enter your credit card each time you sign on.  The single-use access fee is $7 (which includes a $2 convenience fee for the credit card).  Each page that you view will incur a $.50 charge.  When you log out, YOU WILL BE PROMPTED TO VIEW A STATEMENT, which you can print out.

Landshark is available through paid subscriptions of $50 per month and $.50 for each page viewed. In addition, there is a one-time set-up fee of $50.  Please contact the Isanti County Recorder's Office at 763-689-1191 for additional information on setting up an escrow account.


Note:  Searches now default to Jan. 1, 1960
What data and images can be accessed:
  • Deeds and Mortgages
  • Miscellaneous Documents 
  • Tract books

NOTICE - Some images before 3/20/1996 have NOT been verified after importing. Please check these documents carefully, as any documents prior to this date may be inaccurate.  The official images are located in the Recorder’s office.

Automated downloading of information is strictly prohibited!


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